The Basics Of Inbound Marketing And Social Selling

Less than 1% success rate … Here is the result you can expect from the “classic” prospecting (soliciting phone, mass e-mailing, etc.).

In the same way, if you sell a product online and advertise “classic” banner ads, you can think about a conversion rate of 1 to 1000 … Not very effective, right?

With more consumer-centric marketing, you can expect to convert up to 3% of your audience, 3 times more than with traditional canvassing , without necessarily putting more effort.

That’s why marketers are changing their approach , looking to attract new prospects rather than “pushing” their products to the masses, as your grandfather did at Procter & Gamble …

Inbound Marketing and Social Selling are the two udders of the modern business approach to finding new customers.

  • The first is often administered by the marketing department
  • while the second is under the control of the sales force.

So how do you make sure that both disciplines work in good synergy?

This Friday ‘s slideshare, created by digital marketing agency Magnetic Way, provides an excellent summary of best practices for successful inbound strategy.

To Remember:

Inbound marketing is part of the movement of marketing permission, which is a concept created by Seth Godin in 2006. Like what, inbound marketing relies on proven concepts, which do not date from the last rain!

 The advent of the Internet and the advent of social networks has allowed businesses to sell in a new way (and buyers to change their habits). This is an approach that focuses primarily on the ability to attract interested prospects  with useful content rather than pounding the masses and continually promoting its products.

 You will find in Magnetic Way presentation the main phases of inbound marketing  (Attract> Convert> Close> Delight), which will give you the strategic framework to implement it in your business.

Magnetic Way emphasizes the need to create personas  to focus its strategy on the real expectations of its customers. The example of Claranet, used in the presentation, gives a valuable clue to the nature of the content you need to create: these must align with the main questions of your prospects / customers.

Having content that interests your audience is a great start. Also be sure to optimize them from the SEO point of view, to boost their natural visibility on Google and thus give you the chance to be found “for free” by potential customers. To do this, study the most searched keywords and those that progress the fastest (use Google Trends  to appreciate the trend of a key phrase).

Social networks are also excellent channels to relay your best content and make it known to your audience. Feel free to invest in advertising to increase the reach of your publications, even in marketing influence , because otherwise, you risk being seen by only a few people .

Each social platform has its advantages and disadvantages for business uses. Your job is to choose the one that will best suit your business and especially your customers.

The presentation also cites several tools that can boost your productivity / help you deploy your Inbound Marketing strategy. We find the classic Google Analytics, and also marketing automation software, emailing platforms, consumer surveys … What you do a complete “stack” for your Inbound Marketing activities.

Marketing Consultant

Many business owners need help implementing a marketing plan for their business. If you are looking for a way to improve your marketing success, you may want to consider using a marketing consultant.

A marketing consultant can help you develop a marketing plan for your company. He or she can help you begin implementing the plan – deciding which activities will provide the best return for you company. In some cases, the consultant will actually take charge of the implementation of the plan.

A consultant brings a unique point of view to a business. As an objective party, the consultant can offer suggestions that not only meet your current business goals, but offer suggestion for future growth or business change.

Marketing consultants help take your vision for your business and refine it into a specific plan with marketing initiatives to grow your business. A good consultant will consider not only the area of marketing, but also include how sales, finance and operations affect the overall plan.

Consultants allow you to refine your plan so that you are focused on the most important segment of your market. Once you identify that segment, you can begin to build a marketing effort that captures the attention or delivers a message to that segment.

The role of a consultant is to recommend and select marketing vehicles that yield an excellent return on your investment. The consultant will help identify your unique selling position – the point of difference between you and other businesses. He or she will help you develop a message based on your company’s values and core competencies. The consultant will help you decide how to integrate that message into your marketing plan and your materials.

A consultant provides a great deal of insight into the vision for your business and how that information can be used in a successful marketing campaign. The consultant brings their own expertise, along with an objective eye to your business. While a consultant is there to help you fashion your marketing plan, he or she isn’t there to change your vision. Rather he or she should take your ideas and develop a plan around those ideas.

Marketing Consultancy

Once a consultant helps you develop a marketing plan, the next phase is implementing the plan. A consultant can guide you on the best resources for implementing the plan, what technology is needed to make those plans work, what kind of response you need to make in the plan.

The consultant should also be available to gauge how effective the marketing efforts have been. He or she should recommend ways to modify your plan, and should also make recommendations for changing the plan in successive years – what will the plan look like in one year, five years or ten years.

Marketing consultants bring an expert eye to a part of business most people just aren’t familiar with. It can make the difference between a successful marketing plan and one that just lumbers along without any direction or guidance. These plans don’t help the company become successful. If you want to make your business a great success, consider investing in the guidance of a qualified marketing consultant. It will more than pay for itself in the long run.

Direct Marketing

Would you like to improve the results of your direct marketing campaign fivefold or more? This really is possible. It is not a pipe dream. The techniques I am going to share with you today are based on extremely valuable information released by the US Postal Service.

It is information that can be applied to your direct marketing campaign wherever you are, with stunning results.

Sit quietly and read this article with an open mind. This is really valuable knowledge I am about to impart, and knowledge is power! No, I am not about to tell you that your database is about 40% of the success of any direct mail campaign. You knew that already.

I am going to be telling you about other techniques for improving your direct mail campaign.

Right, let’s get to the vital information released by the US Postal Service. I wonder if they realise how valuable this information is.

Direct Marketing

Okay, so what are these important statements saying? Essentially they reveal that a colour postcard with content pushing for the person to visit the PURL you have included in the campaign will increase your direct marketing success rate dramatically.

A PURL by the way is a page of your website personalized for the individual clients e.g. This is a great draw card and is great for tracking customer behaviour. Which is important for online marketing.

A good PURL should capture important information input by the customer for you to move to the next step on the way to a sale. The information should also feed the database. From the customer’s point of view, she is informed and gains confidence in your business.

The terrific thing about cross or combination marketing is that it is quite inexpensive. What is more, you can track the results so you can control and tweak your marketing campaign, get leads sent to your mobile phone or email. The overall result is that revenue should explode!