Would you like to improve the results of your direct marketing campaign fivefold or more? This really is possible. It is not a pipe dream. The techniques I am going to share with you today are based on extremely valuable information released by the US Postal Service.

It is information that can be applied to your direct marketing campaign wherever you are, with stunning results.

Sit quietly and read this article with an open mind. This is really valuable knowledge I am about to impart, and knowledge is power! No, I am not about to tell you that your database is about 40% of the success of any direct mail campaign. You knew that already.

I am going to be telling you about other techniques for improving your direct mail campaign.

Right, let’s get to the vital information released by the US Postal Service. I wonder if they realise how valuable this information is.

Direct Marketing

Okay, so what are these important statements saying? Essentially they reveal that a colour postcard with content pushing for the person to visit the PURL you have included in the campaign will increase your direct marketing success rate dramatically.

A PURL by the way is a page of your website personalized for the individual clients e.g. www.YourDomain.com/John.Smith. This is a great draw card and is great for tracking customer behaviour. Which is important for online marketing.

A good PURL should capture important information input by the customer for you to move to the next step on the way to a sale. The information should also feed the database. From the customer’s point of view, she is informed and gains confidence in your business.

The terrific thing about cross or combination marketing is that it is quite inexpensive. What is more, you can track the results so you can control and tweak your marketing campaign, get leads sent to your mobile phone or email. The overall result is that revenue should explode!

Direct Marketing

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